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About Merrybells Corporate Services

Merrybells Corporate Services Limited is a real estate company with an excellent track record. The firm was incorporated under the Company and Allied Matter law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2008 with RC:772359 and has since been delivering shelters to the populace in various capacities. It has the corporate head office in Lagos and regional office in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory.


The Company deals in property sourcing and development, involving estate management; sale of lands and houses; spot development and allied services. We parade highly skilled professionals, with a combine experience of over 100 years in structural design and realty management/investment in our kitty. Merrybells is a member of Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria [REDAN].
We have over these years maintained high ethical standards in our duty as a real estate company as our operations are guided by timeless principles of integrity, excellence and hard work. We assemble firms of like intents as civil, electrical, mechanical and structural engineering firms, as well as architectural firms as partners.
The Company’s philosophy keys into bridging the massive gap between demand and supply of quality and affordable housing for our teeming population. It thus works in synergy with the government, private and corporate investors for the growth of real estate in the country.




Our mantra, making house ownership affordable for all, is yielding dividends. We have secured parcels of land and units of houses in choice locations in Lagos, Ogun and Abuja for disbursement to the populace. Towards solving housing problem in the country, we have at present acquired sizeable parcels of land at different locations along the Lagos Ibadan express way and its environ for the development of private housing estates known as Caxton Park, Woodbridge Court, and Goldwater Park respectively.

We have equally got, for same purpose, land within Federal Capital Territory known as Petra Park, Brooklyn Ville, Hill Crest Garden estate and Rose County, WaterBrooks. Additionally, we are presently developing, in partnership with IPC Homes Limited, a 10-unit terrace/townhome in Lagos known as Petra Town Homes. Here are the estates’ synopses.

Caxton Park is built on about ten acres of land. It comprises of 20-unit terrace duplex, 20 semi-detached bungalows, and a mix of conventional fully detached bungalows and duplexes for private investors.

Woodbridge Court is set on twenty-four acres of land. It equally has a mix of terrace houses, duplex, fully and semi-detached bungalows. All provides 120 units of houses for low and medium income earners.

Goldwater Park is built behind the Redemption Camp on Lagos-Ibadan express way. It is a high end model estate carved out yet for the middle class. The estate would house 250 families with an average population of 1000 inhabitants.  

Petra Park is designed to provide one-thousand units of houses for FCT dwellers. It is an ambitious project of the Company to meet the yearnings of the masses. This exclusive housing estate will upon completion has more than 500 units of houses.

Whereas, BrooklynVille was conceived with the intention of combining luxury with affordability as one realizes the dream of possessing a house within the Federal Capital Territory Rose County.